• Alcatraz Prison

    Alcatraz Prison

  • Golden Gate Park Buffalo

    Golden Gate Park Buffalo

  • Lombard Street San Francisco

    Lombard Street San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its chilled vibes, hilly streets and glorious sunshine. If you’re planning a Californian road trip, and only have48 hours to spend in San Francisco, there are some experiences you can’t let pass you by.

Go to See the Bison in Golden Gate Park

Bison are an American icon, in the tales of the wild west they were a consistent feature. Despite reduced numbers, they still graze on the green grass of the USA. Head to Golden Gate Park to the confusingly named Buffalo Paddock, where you can get up close to the park’s bison herd.

Discover More About the World at the Exploratorium

A museum where science, art and human discovery are all housed under one roof, the Exploratorium is a great place to spend an afternoon. Here, you can really feel a part of the exhibitions, as 650 of them are hands-on. See what the inside of a tornado is really like, and walk on the fog bridge, a piece of art created by Fujiko Nakaya. It is an outdoor bridge, covered in a man-made fog meaning that visitors must rely on their senses other than sight to walk across, as their vision is impaired. Try to Catch a Foul Ball at AT&T Park

It wouldn’t be right to drive through the USA and not take part in some real all-American culture. In this case, baseball. The AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants is a mecca for all San Franciscan baseball fans, so make sure you check out when there is a game on to get tickets. Don’t forget to pick up a Giants shirt on your way in to look like a real fan.

Travel in True San Francisco Style on Cable Cars

Even if you’re road tripping your way across the USA, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t leave the car behind for a few hours, and travel around San Francisco in the iconic cable cars. After all, those hills can be pretty exhausting. There are three cable car lines: the Powell-Hyde & Powell-Mason start at Market Street, and stop at Union Square. There is also the California Street Line, which runs from Van Ness Avenue to the Financial District.

Zig Zag Down Lombard Street

However, if you’re dedicated to driving all the way through California, then make sure you test your driving skills on Lombard Street. This steep road is made up of eight hair-pin turns, so only the steadiest drivers need apply to drive it!

Visit Alcatraz at Night

Obviously, no visit to San Francisco is complete without seeing the infamous Alcatraz prison island. The best time to see the island is at night, when it’s at its most haunting. The tours are quite long at nearly three hours, so make sure you bring a jacket. Even though this is California, it can still get chilly, especially on the ferry ride there and back, and of course if the prison’s ghosts happen to drift by…

Try Community Dining at Wat Mongkolratanaram

By its very nature, San Francisco is a friendly city and nothing proves that more than dining at Wat Mongkolratanaram in Berkley, a half-hour drive from San Francisco. This is a small Thai Buddhist temple, where if you visit on a Sunday, you can purchase food tokens and enjoy a delicious Thai brunch with the locals.

Are you excited to start your Californian journey? The hilly landscape and vibrant locals make San Francisco a city that everyone needs visit at least once.