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There aren’t many places in the world with such a variety of geography as the USA. You can be in the desert of New Mexico, and in just three hours be skiing at Colorado’s world-famous Wolf Creek.

 The Perfect Road Trip for Everyone

 Road tripping with fussy travellers? Sometimes it can be tricky to keep everyone happy, especially if you’re on a long drive. If that is the case with your traveling companions, then this drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Wolf Creek, Colorado is ideal.

For most of the year, Santa Fe is known for its scorching temperatures, and desert landscape. But, come the winter, the temperatures start to drop as the snow falls. The bubbly, partying Santa Fe spirit doesn’t get covered by the blanket of snow, though. You can still enjoy a bowl of green chilli and a Santa Fe margarita or two- they might just be frozen ones!

Start: Santa Fe

 Located in New Mexico’s northern heartlands, Santa Fe is a city known for its hot and dry temperatures, where it experiences over 300 sunny days a year. From November to April, however, it gets a little colder (around 4°C) and flurries of snow starts to descend.

When the snow starts, you may be interested in what indoor activities Santa Fe has to offer. One of the most famous is the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, a gallery dedicated to preserving O’Keefe’s work, and maintaining her legacy as one of the most important feminist artists on the 20th century.

If you’re still desperate to see more art after visiting the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, take a walk down Canyon Road. The mile-long road features over a hundred galleries and art shops, so there are plenty of places for you to duck into and warm up.

If you don’t want to miss the beautiful outdoors of Santa Fe, but don’t fancy becoming a human icicle, then the hot spring resort in Santa Fe National Forest is just what you need. Ten Thousand Waves is a spa influenced by Japanese serenity, where you can relax in hot tubs under the canopy of the forest, and indulge in the spa treatments.

Next: Jicarilla Apache Nation

Two hours, 25-minutes from Santa Fe

On the drive up to Colorado, you will go past Jicarilla Apache Nation, a reservation for the Apache tribes of Native Americans. Here, you will be surrounded by beautiful jagged mountains and swathes of land ready for you to explore. Camping, hiking and fishing are all popular pastimes in the area, but if you are saving up your energy for skiing, then stop by the arts and crafts shops in the nearby town of Dulce.

Finish: Wolf Creek, Colorado

One hour, 50-minutes from Jicarilla Apache Nation

And now, to the grand finale of our road trip: Wolf Creek. If you’ve been itching to try out your snowboard or skiing skills, then now is the time to do it. Annually, Wolf Creek gets 430 inches of snow, the most in Colorado. With a summit elevation of 11,904 feet, you will definitely get an amazing view as your whoosh down to the bottom.

If you aren’t a very experienced skier, then don’t worry. The slopes at Wolf Creek range from beginners to advanced, and there are ski schools for children as well as adults. You may start as a novice, but with all the time you spend on the slopes, you won’t leave as one!

If you’re feeling peckish during the day, then there are plenty of restaurants you can stop at. The Wolf Creek Lodge even serves bowls of Santa Fe Green Chilli, if you’re craving it from the start of your trip. You can also pop by the Pathfinder Bar at the end of the night, if après ski is more your style.

Wolf Creek seasons starts in early November, but be sure to check the dates, as this is all weather-dependent!

See the sights of New Mexico and Colorado on this beautiful road trip. Perfect for adventurers, or those who just like to chill in the bar or hot tub, admiring the view.