• New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz \u2013 Image by Infrogmation of New Orleans

    New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz – Image by Infrogmation of New Orleans

  • Universal Studios. Just one of Orlando\u2019s many theme parks \u2013 Image by Christian Lambert

    Universal Studios. Just one of Orlando’s many theme parks – Image by Christian Lambert

  • Enjoy the warm weather at Siesta Key\u2019s beaches \u2013 Image by Hans Dekker

    Enjoy the warm weather at Siesta Key’s beaches – Image by Hans Dekker

  • Miami has plenty of delicious food, including the Cuban Sandwich \u2013 Image by John

    Miami has plenty of delicious food, including the Cuban Sandwich – Image by John

While most of America’s northern states are settling in for a chilly winter, some parts of the country are still basking in the sun. The southern states – Florida, in particular – are known for their year-round sunshine and eternally blue skies, which is why they’ve become increasingly popular amongst winter sun seekers. A road trip is a fantastic way to explore some of America’s most-loved cities and immerse yourself in a range of cultures, all while soaking up the southern winter sun. In this post, we’re road-tripping from New Orleans to Miami, and taking a look at some of the best bits along the way.

New Orleans – The Big Easy

Your road trip begins in Louisiana, in the birthplace of Jazz, the so-called ‘Big Easy’: New Orleans. Once a French colony, which was then ceded to the Spanish, New Orleans is a melting pot of different cultures. Over the years, these cultures have merged and evolved, creating a city that’s as diverse as it is unique. A trip to New Orleans wouldn’t be complete without an evening at one of the city’s many Jazz clubs, immersed in the very music that has gained New Orleans such notoriety. The Spotted Cat Music Club showcases some of the best new Jazz musicians in a quintessential Jazz club setting, complete with shabby-chic décor and drinks served in plastic cups.

Orlando – Where dreams come true

Welcome to Orlando; it’s a place for thrill seekers, fun lovers and those who want to be entertained. Located in the heart of America’s Sunshine State, Orlando is home to more theme parks than anywhere else in the world, earning it the nickname, Theme Park Capital of the World. In 2014 alone, 62 million people visited Orlando, drawn by the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios and the many other attractions on offer. Orlando is a great destination for kids and adults alike, and with so much to see and do, there will never be a dull moment. If you want to get behind the scenes of your favourite blockbusters, splash around at Wet ‘n’ Wild and make memories that will last a lifetime, Orlando is the place to be.

Siesta Key – Sun, sea, sand and golf

Even in winter, temperatures in Florida range between 10°C and 25°C, which is why at least one of your stops should be along the Gulf Coast. While there are plenty of places to choose from along the way, one of our favourites is Siesta Key. Here you’ll find 35 miles of pristine, sandy beaches and 100 golf courses just waiting to be explored. As most tourists will have been and gone in the summer months, you won’t have to search too long for a spot on the beach or a place to tee off. Spend a day or two relaxing at Siesta or Crescent Beach (two of Siesta Key’s most popular), then head off for a round or two at any of the prestigious golf courses.

Miami – Little Cuba

Miami – Florida’s very own Little Cuba – is the last stop on our road trip, and what a great place to finish up. Heavily influence by its many Cuban residents, Miami is vibrant, colourful and incredibly diverse. From the traditional Cuban cigar shops, which can be found in the Little Havana neighbourhood, to the glamour of South Beach, Miami has got a little of everything. Take a stroll down Ocean Drive and take in the typical Miami sights – surfers catching waves, energetic rollerbladers and golden-skinned models – before filling up on Cuban coffee and a delicious Cuban sandwich (ham, roast pork, pickles, mustard and Swiss cheese). If you’re a sandwich lover, take a look at few of our other favourite US sandwiches here.

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