Grill My Cheese (GMC) is headed by two incredibly enthusiastic eaters and self-proclaimed lovers of the cheese toastie, Nisha and Nishma. They took their love affair of food and started Grill My Cheese, and above all, kept high quality ingredients at the forefront of their venture. After trying countless combinations of different types of breads and cheeses, GMC finally hit the spot with a blend of three cheeses and a delicious organic sourdough. How do they take such a simple staple dish and make it into something special? Let’s find out.

Q: What first inspired you to bring grilled cheese sandwiches to the UK public?

A: We had both visited the US a few times on holiday and every diner out there had a version of a grilled cheese. It used to really hit the spot after a night out. Much like a cheese toastie did back home. But the love and attention a grilled cheese was given in the US wasn’t the case back in the UK. We thought it was time to change that. After trialling different breads, cheeses and methods, we came up with what we believe is the perfect blend, to create the best grilled cheese we can.

Q: Where did your love of grilled cheese come from?

A: There is something very comforting about buttery, toasted bread, and melted cheese. We’ve grown up eating cheese toasties and found a renewed love of them when we used to live together. A grilled cheese was an easy thing to put together after a long day in the office. We tried to make them a bit more interesting by trying out new combinations.

‘…the love and attention a grilled cheese was given in the US wasn’t the case back in the UK. We thought it was time to change that.’

Q: What’s the secret to the perfect grilled cheese?

A: What we’ve discovered over the last two years is that everyone has such a strong opinion on what they think the perfect cheese toastie is. It’s often a nostalgic memory that determines everyone’s opinion. The perfect cheese toastie is how you remember eating it growing up, and the recipe for that is different for us all. We always recommend combining a few cheeses to get a great flavour, melt and stretch. A sharp cheddar with a buttery Gruyère is a winner for us. Butter the outside of the bread, always.

Q: Why do you think food from the US is so popular in the UK?

A: Growing up, when we thought of US food, it was always fast food. Mostly the well-known burger and pizza chains, and pop tarts, of course. The emphasis was always ‘the bigger the better’. Ten years on, we view American food in the UK very differently. Everyone now knows what pulled pork is, for example, and there has been a huge shift to higher-quality fast food. Burgers, fried chicken and grilled cheese are all extremely popular, but if people are going to indulge in something, they want to know that it’s going to be really worth it.

‘…everyone has such a strong opinion on what they think the perfect cheese toastie is. It’s often a nostalgic memory that determines everyone’s opinion.’

Q: How do you see the role of American food changing in the coming years, do you think it will become increasingly popular?

A: Even though food trends change rapidly, we’re still discovering new American dishes in the UK, and there are still things that we’ve eaten over in the US that haven’t made their way here yet. Especially sweets. Bear claws anyone? We can’t wait till they do!

Q: What’s your favourite thing about cheese?

A: There are so many things about cheese that we love, but the biggest thing is getting cheese to melt. We are a little bit obsessed with melted cheese, especially watching cheese melt. It sounds weird, we know! But once you start making as many grilled cheese sandwiches as we do, you soon understand.

Q: When making grilled cheese, do you prefer to use mature cheeses or mild?

A: Mature! We’re all about the flavour, and mature cheese has more flavour than mild. We do like using a mixture of cheeses however, as mozzarella creates a beautiful melt.

Q: The macaroni cheese and pulled pork toasties are a godsend, do you have any other delicious combinations in the works?

A: One of our favourite sandwiches on the menu is our ‘PB&J’. We make our own peanut butter and ‘American Cheese’ for this sandwich, and our chilli jam cuts through the richness perfectly. It has divided opinion from our customers though.

Q: Do you have any favourite recipes that you’d like to share with us?

A: It has to be a grilled cheese sandwich.

Grilled cheese recipe

2 slices of Sourdough Bread
1 tsp of Butter
2 tbsp of Roasted Vegetables
100g Mature Cheddar (grated)
50g soft Goat’s Cheese
20g Hazelnuts (toasted and crushed)
1 tbsp of Honey

1.) Butter the outside of the sourdough slices, and begin assembling your ingredients.
2.) Mix together your grated cheddar and your soft goat’s cheese. Place on to one of the slices of sourdough.
3.) Add your roasted vegetables. You can use anything you like, but red onion, mixed peppers and courgettes work well (chopped and roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper at gas mark 7 for 30-40 minutes).
4.) Add your toasted and crushed hazelnuts all over and then drizzle your honey over everything before closing the sandwich.
5.) Place the sandwich on a pre-heated dry frying pan on a medium heat. Press down with a spatula.
6.) After about 3 minutes when you can see the cheese melting, flip the sandwich over.
7.) Make sure the sandwich is golden on both sides and the cheese has melted inside.
8.) Cut in half, and serve.

If like us, you’re a mad fan of the cheese toastie, check out the Grill My Cheese website for information on where they’re serving, and follow them on Twitter to keep updated on any news.

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