Dedicated to a love of chicken wings, Randy’s Wing Bar dishes out sauce-covered wings to the people of Britain. Heading up the business are Richard and Andy, who bonded over their love of the food and decided to tour the USA in search of the perfect chicken wing.

After countless hours researching the best chicken wing sauce and cooking techniques, they returned to the UK ready to set up camp, which they did in late 2013. After much success in the street food scene and even a stint on television with Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, it’s time to find out what makes Randy’s tick.

Q: Why do you think chicken wings are such a popular choice with many fans of US cuisine in the UK?

A: The wing is one of the most succulent parts of the chicken and additional flavours, be they a dry rub, brining, or a sauce, take to the skin and meat really well. They’re also relatively cheap and can be eaten as snack or a full meal! Wings also go well with beer. The current craft beer movement and rise in wing popularity work really nicely together.

‘London does excellent fusion food in general and does a great job of taking cuisines from other countries and developing them.’

Q: Do you have a set of rules for your chicken wing sauce? Is it always spicy?

A: There are no set rules or right or wrong way to cook a wing or wing sauce, but there are better ways of doing each technique. In our opinion a little bit of spice in the sauce is nice, but certainly not compulsory. There are plenty of other bases that can be used to make a great wing sauce. For instance, fish sauce!

Q: What made you fall in love with chicken wings, and on your trip to the US did you find that wing sauces differed a lot from state to state?

A: Buffalo sauce certainly kick-started our love affair with wings. It’s just such a great flavour which goes well with pretty much everything, but especially wings! Buffalo sauce can vary greatly and it does need a little TLC to get it just right, but it is not complicated.

Most of our research has concentrated on New York, as this is the state where Buffalo wings came from, specifically the city of Buffalo. We spent a lot of time here as they are really proud of this fact, and the prize for the best wings is fiercely contested. There are lots of different opinions about what makes the best wings; the size, whether they are single, double or triple fried, how much butter, how much additional garlic, blue cheese or ranch, celery or carrot, and many more.

‘…in London, we are taking American-inspired food and making it better.’

Q: How do you see the future of American food evolving in the UK?

A: I personally feel, particularly in London, we are taking American-inspired food and making it better. The street food scene is a perfect example of this. Street Food is mega popular in New York. But, having spent a great deal of time exploring what is on offer over there, we have far surpassed it in London.

London has more variance in style, cooking techniques, ingredients, originality, and quality of the actual food itself. London does excellent fusion food in general and does a great job of taking cuisines from other countries and developing them.

Q: Do you have any favourite recipes that you’d like to share with us?

A: If you’re home cooking Buffalo wings, oven-bake them all the way. First dust the wings in flour, then throw into an oven at 220 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes and watch them crisp up. Melt a shed-load of butter in a pan, fry off some crushed garlic in the butter, glug in a cayenne based hot sauce, heat through then throw on the wings in a large bowl and toss!

Randy’s Wing Bar can be found on Twitter and Facebook, so check them out to see where they’ll be serving up delicious chicken wings next. Their schedule can be found on the contact section of the Randy’s website.

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