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Fish Tacos

No matter where you are in California, if you happen to find yourself walking down a boardwalk, search out a fish taco stand (we’re almost certain there’ll be at least one). Even better if you find yourself in San Diego, as that means you can head to Oscar’s Mexican Seafood. At happy hour, a delicious fish taco can be yours for just 99 cents! Did you know…

Happy Hour!



The health conscious amongst you are in luck, as California is the place to go for a delicious and nutritious smoothie. And if you want to be part of the in-crowd, head to Beverly Hills Juice bar, and get in line. Bet you didn't know that…



California is responsible for about 95% of all avocados grown in the United States, and it’s also the official state fruit. So why not order a side of guacamole with your fish taco, or try a smoothie with avocado blended in, just to be extra Californian about it. A bit of trivia for you…




Eureka (I have found it)


Famous locals:
Julia Child chef
Joe DiMaggio baseball player
Marilyn Monroe actor
John Steinbeck author
Richard Nixon president


Pacific Coast Highway

If you only set out on one proper drive during your time in California, make it a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway. It’ll take you an easy five hours to drive the exhilarating 123-mile route, hugging the cliffs all the way down central California’s breathtaking coast.

Lassen Volcanic
National Park

If the hectic cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco have got a bit much for you, escape to the otherworldly Lassen Volcanic National Park. Explore the strange landscape of steaming sulphur pools and boiling mud pots, and marvel at the world’s largest plug-dome volcano.

National Park

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Yosemite National Park, is another must-see on your Californian road trip. From the cascading waterfalls, to the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range and towering sequoia trees, this really is nature at its best.

Big Sur

If you don’t fancy the whole trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, you may just want to experience Big Sur. With dramatic crashing waves on one side, and towering redwoods on the other, it’s not hard to see what inspired the likes of Henry Miller and Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

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