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Breakfast Burrito

There’s only one way to start your day in the Centennial State, and that is with a breakfast burrito, Colorado’s favourite comfort food – and soon to be yours. Plus, it’s just the thing if you’ve got a busy day on the slopes planned! Did you know…


Local Favourite

Colorado River cutthroat trout

If you’re eager to try a more native morsel, look out for Colorado River cutthroat trout on the menu. These fish are found only within Colorado, and make a tasty dish. A restaurant anywhere close to the river is a good bet! Bet you didn’t know that…

Chile Verde

Green chili, or Chile Verde, is one of the most popular dishes in Colorado, and features heavily on menus across the state. Whether you order it straight up, atop a burger, or smothered all over a burrito, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you order it at least once. Chili – green over red!


Found only
in Colorado


Nil sine Numine
(Nothing without Providence)


Famous locals:
Tim Allen actor and comedian
Jack Dempsey boxer
Trey Parker actor and screenwriter
Kristin Davis actor



If you’re a keen skier, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice in Colorado. For the ultimate in hedonistic luxury, head to Aspen. Alternatively, the beautiful Vail Mountain offers 5,289 incredible skiable acres.



Rocky Mountain National Park

A short drive from Denver International Airport will take you to the heart of the breathtaking Rocky Mountain National Park. Founded in 1915, this year marks its centenary and there has never been a better time to explore this wilderness playground.

South Park City

South Park, best known as the fictional town of the enduringly popular cartoon, is actually a real place here in Colorado. Visit South Park City, a ghost town now restored as a museum to show you what life was like in a 19th century mining town.

Dinosaur National Monument

Travelling with a budding paleontologist? Hit the road and seek out Dinosaur National Monument, which is one of the only places on earth you can actually see dinosaur bones, fossils and cave paintings in situ.

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