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Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza

Across the United States, there is much debate as to where the best pizza comes from. For us there’s no contest, with the Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza hands down our favourite. Essentially a pizza pie, the sheer capacity for cheese amongst other toppings – sausage and spinach are preferred, locally – makes it a winner in our eyes. A slice of trivia…


Hot Dog

Another point of contention that often centres around Chicago, is their claim to be the lord and creator of the hot dog. Whilst this is almost impossible to verify, they definitely know what they’re doing. Just be sure not to ask for ketchup – a local faux-pas, apparently. This is quite astonishing…


17th St Bar & Grill

There are plenty of good eats to be had elsewhere in Illinois, and in particular in Jackson County. Head down to Murphysboro, and make a beeline for 17th St Bar & Grill. Not only is it one of the top BBQ joints in the state, it has also been counted amongst the best in the nation. Top credentials…


State Sovereignty, National Union


Famous locals:
Hillary Clinton Secretary of State
Miles Davis musician
Walt Disney film animator & producer
Ernest Hemingway author
Oprah Winfrey TV host & actor

The Windy City

Navy Pier

For a road trip holiday around Illinois, you’ll likely fly into Chicago. There is plenty to keep you occupied in the Windy City, including the Navy Pier, Chicago’s most visited attraction thanks to its Ferris wheel, IMAX, myriad restaurants and lakeside views.

Lincoln Home
& Visitor

For history buffs, a trip to Springfield is sure to delight. Visit the Lincoln Home & Visitor Center, and take a tour of Abe’s former home, before a visit to his final resting place, Lincoln's Tomb.


Ernest Hemingway may have had a difficult relationship with Oak Park, where he grew up, but the residents of the small town still pay homage to one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. The Ernest Hemingway Museum is a must-visit for any lover of literature.

Great for
History Buffs!

Shawnee National Forest

The majority of Illinois is pretty flat, which explains its successful farming industry, but head further south and all that changes. Take the Interstate 57 from Chicago down to the Shawnee National Forest, where you can make the most of the great outdoors hiking, swimming, canoeing or mountain biking.

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