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Many people consider Orlando, LA or the Hamptons the perfect summer getaway in the USA. But why not change things up a bit, and instead head to Colorado, The Centennial State and see what Denver, its capital, has to offer.

Why Denver?

Known as the Mile-High City, thanks to its elevation above sea level, Denver is a great city to while away your summer. While it’s not one of the biggest tourist cities in the USA, it is still full of great attractions that will keep you busy.

Drives Through Colorado and Denver

One of the best ways to see the state is through a road trip. The landscape of Colorado is made up of huge mountains, scenic lakes and some of the most beautiful forest you’ll ever see.

Peak to Peak Highway: 55 miles


If you’re planning to spend part of your summer in the Rocky Mountain National Park before traveling to Denver, then take this highway. It’s the majestic scenery that makes this drive even more special.

Although you can expect to spend most of the trip in awe of the surrounding scenery, there are certain things that deserve more attention, where you should pull over to get a really good look. Make sure you take a photo of Longs Peak, one of the most famous mountains in Colorado. Standing at 14,255 ft., it was named after the explorer Stephen Harriman Long and is known not only for its height, but its natural phenomena like the Mills Glacier, and the perennial snowfield, The Dove.

If you want to stretch out the drive, visit the surrounding towns. There’s the bohemian Ward, a quaint and homely town, and many more All-American spots for you to rest up.

Lariat Loop: 40 miles


The drive through Lariat Loop offers s great way to immerse yourself through the history of Denver. It was originally built to encourage more people from the city of Denver to venture into the mountains, and has a wild history of cowboys, and dinosaurs!

For any budding palaeontologists, Dinosaur Ridge is a must-see. With an outdoor museum where you can see real fossilised dinosaur bones and footprint trails, plus an outdoor laboratory for anyone interested in geology, come here to discover what makes this mountain region so famous.

And for anyone who fancies themselves as a bit of a cowboy, you must visit Buffalo Bill’s grave and museum. He was famous for his cowboy shows, which he took up and down the country, entertaining thousands. His grave is on Lookout Mountain where, by his request, he could look out over the Great Plains and Rockies.

Galleries to Visit

The stunning mountains that surround Denver are worthy of being hailed a natural masterpiece in themselves, inspiring countless artists. With that thought in mind, why not spend a day discovering Denver’s art scene?

Denver Art Museum

100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204

First, head to the Denver Art Museum. It has a huge range of different types of exhibitions, and permanent collections from Africa, Columbia, Spain and Native America.

Plus Gallery

2501 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205

Plus Gallery is the place for you, if you’re a fan of modern art and artists that push boundaries. With artists like Milton Croissant III, Xi Zhang and Alex McLeod exhibiting, you know that you’re guaranteed an eye-opening visit. Check out their events page to see what’s going on when you visit.

Ice Cube Gallery

3320 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

The Ice Cube Gallery is a co-op, run by the artists. This means there is a huge turnover of shows, so there is a real feel of fast-paced ever-changing art.

Denver’s Famous Craft Beer

When a city has an area known as the ‘Beer Triangle’ you know they take their beers pretty seriously! Boulder, Fort Collins and Denver are home to 72 breweries, including lots of independent craft ones, and the giant Coors Brewing Company.

To experience the craft brewery culture, why not take the Denver Microbrew Tour? Here you can learn about the different breweries, the history of Denver and its long love affair with beer.

The tour does involve tasting the beers, so designated drivers will miss out on that fun. But it’s still enjoyable with or without a drink in hand!

So, where will you head to when you visit Denver? It doesn’t matter if you’re a mountaineer at heart or more at home in the city, there is something here for you!