• Muirfield, Scotland - Image by Flickr user easylocum

    Muirfield, Scotland - Image by Flickr user easylocum

  • St Andrews Links, Scotland - Image by Flickr user Tinu77

    St Andrews Links, Scotland - Image by Flickr user Tinu77

  • Sunningdale, England - Image by Flickr user Graham Greenwood

    Sunningdale, England - Image by Flickr user Graham Greenwood

Muirfield, Scotland – Image by Flickr user easylocum

St Andrews Links, Scotland – Image by Flickr user Tinu77

Sunningdale, England – Image by Flickr user Graham Greenwood

When the trials of daily life all get a bit too much, we find the best way to unwind and relax is to grab your clubs, take a drive out into the countryside, and enjoy a nice long game of golf. There are few places as tranquil as a golf course, and it’s also a great way to stay fit and keep in shape. At Alamo, we have a whole range of vehicles to cater to all your golfing needs, with plenty of space for you, a couple of friends and all your clubs and kit – the only thing we can’t help you with is caddying round the green! So next time you fancy a round or two, why not head to one of these top five golf courses in the UK.

Muirfield, Scotland

Golf has been played at Muirfield, about 20 miles from Edinburgh in Scotland for over 120 years, with the original course being designed by golfing architecture legend, Old Tom Morris, which was later adapted by Harry Colt. The course is renowned for its tranquil setting, really allowing you to focus on the game in hand, which is handy as it poses quite a few challenges. Widely regarded as one of the best courses in the world, you will be following in the footsteps of some of golf’s greats whilst strolling from green to green. And after a long day’s play, you can retire to the Clubhouse for some well-deserved refreshments.

Royal County Down, Northern Ireland

Founded in 1889, the Royal County Down Golf Club is another of the old classic courses, and its design was also originally influenced by Old Tom Morris, and later added to by Harry Colt. The 18th hole of the course is counted amongst the most challenging finishing holes in the world, and really tests players to the limit. Royal County Down has hosted many world championships, and is a firm favourite on the golfing scene, due in no small part to the course’s beautiful natural setting beneath the Mourne Mountains, as well as its technical challenges.

St Andrews Links, Scotland

Hailed as the ‘home of golf’, the game has been played at St Andrews Links for about 600 years. It continues to draw a crowd with more than 230,000 round played on the seven courses each year, one of which Old Tom Morris also had a hand in designing. For most, the Old Course is the most special, atmospheric golfing experience, as it is believed to be the oldest course in the world and has played host to the Open Championship 28 times, more than any other venue.

Royal St George’s, England

The Royal St George’s Golf Club was originally established in 1887, and five years later, in 1902, the club was bestowed its ‘Royal’ status by King Edward VII.  It was designed to rival Scotland’s St Andrews course and provide London’s golfers with a quiet retreat from the overcrowded local courses. It’s situated on the coast in Sandwich, Kent, about 80 miles outside of London, which shouldn’t take more than a two-hour drive. The course itself is notoriously challenging, with only four Open winners to ever complete the 72-hole tournament below par!

Sunningdale (Old), England

The professional golfer and architect, Willie Park Jr., designed the Old Course at Sunningdale Golf Club, which opened in 1900. At the time, the course was considered revolutionary, as it was built over hills, heath and woodland areas, which now lends to its immense appeal. The Sunningdale Old Course is widely regarded as the finest example of inland golf courses in the UK, and it is often featured highly in lists of the world’s best golf courses. Located just outside the M25 in Berkshire, Sunningdale is in an easily accessible position for London and Southern England.

Whether you’re a semi-pro with an impressive handicap, or your golfing abilities are on the amateur side, these golf courses will surprise and challenge you at every level. So grab your clubs, hop in your Alamo hire car and hit the road. Happy golfing!